• To stay Relevant

  • To be Pertinent

  • To always be Realistic

  • To be Practical

  • To be Honourable

Welcome to Krypton Mining

At Krypton we specialise in bringing highly competitive and world class digital mining solutions to the African market. Krypton’s international partnerships with the likes of Dingo and Mine Sense ensure high value business optimisation with powerful solutions that are highly competitive and affordable regarding the African continent.

Our objectives are to transform operations into more profitable, predictable and sustainable market driven businesses, utilising the appropriate tools: planning; executing; monitoring and controlling all departments across the value chain.

The Krypton team has comprehensive expertise in the: design; selection; specification; implementation and optimisation of digital solutions that stretch across the full mining value chain.

Krypton Value Propositions


Our Vision at Krypton is to maximise value realization in the complex African mining industry through simplicity.

Our business model is based upon the premise of African mining market immersion, endeavouring to intimately understand the requirements and needs of mining customers and the environments wherein they operate.

Our distribution and value added service model for this territory is designed to fit realistic and significant challenges posed by the African mining market.The long term sustainability of Krypton is ensured by upholding: relevant; achievable; realistic; practical and honourable goals and long term objectives.